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5 months ago - Translate - Youtube


We uploaded a new video of our Outdoor City Project!
Maybe somebody would be interested also in that kind of sound..


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7 months ago - Translate - Youtube


and because the Summer time is slowly slowly getting away, we decided to realize also the video of the Winter Time from the last years.

Sounds of the hi-Pitched Crispy Ice & Grainy Snow was made last year at the end of the February.

We invite you to have a look to our video:

ICE & SNOW (Sonoquilibrium Winter Adventures)
which is our last video of our project we are working on ´´SOUNDS OF HAMELN´´

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7 months ago - Translate - Youtube

Hello coleagues,

This time we wanted to share something different respect what we shared previous times.
We want to share sounds/videos under the level of the water.

We have 2 videos of this kind:

-At the Lake (UNDERWATER SOUNDS Part 1)

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7 months ago - Translate - Youtube

Sometimes if or when we´re lucky, we can detect sounds, which most of the times they don´t attract our attention. It happened to me, while I was making last outdoor field recordings for my last video I made.

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8 months ago - Translate - Youtube

Hello colleagues!

What´s new in the city?

I created some new stuff (which I post below) and I am asking you for a help I need at the moment. Do anyone have any idea, where can I find any freebies of Didgeridoo Sessions or Samples? Thanks!

Here´s my new video and audio I made with Electro-Magnetic Microphone of ELECTRIC POWER LINES. Not all sounds in our surrounding can be detected by our ears, these emiters resonance with very sensitive high voltage sources, that was needed some Coil Pick-ups to get them!



PS. Click on the link above to watch the video, because the visual preview was messed-up from Sounddevs. Why? I don't have a clue!

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